Sustainability mission

Aligned with the growing need to support social and responsible production, recycling and reutilization, we continuously re-examine the way we approach our product and material selection, manufacturing and print production processes.

Dedicated to sustainability and the development of a responsible collection, we can project our brands and environmental goals whilst aiding the reduction of landfill waste. With useful, functional products in timeless design and controlled quality along the entire process, we create long lasting and reusable gifts that contribute to create conscious promotions.

We contribute to create conscious promotions

PrettyArts will pay  approx $80,000 to install solar power  equipment to instead of traditional electric energy to make low-carbon power  further.

Sustainable development goals

We believe that we can achieve an important change and tackle many problems in our industry. Commitments are important to signal our intentions and help catalyze change throughout the value chain and our industry.

We constantly evaluate our progress. We strive for an open and transparent dialogue to explain our goals, show where we stand and how we tackle these challenges. It is for this reason that we have started to measure our performance. We will constantly evaluate our progress in achieving the following goals.